Big Buddy Turbo Torch - Blazer


Since the dawn of time, humans have made fire with flint, tinder, and a little bit of elbow grease for flavor. With the Big Buddy Turbo Torch, you only have to click a single button! Talk about progress! Show your utter dominance over the forces of nature with this handy dual use torch, specifically designed for a wide range of applications.

Light weight, (weighing only 7 ounces,) and standing at a portable 7" tall, the Big Buddy Turbo Torch has state-of-the-art manufacturing, looks good, and even comes with a child safety mechanism, to keep the little ones from burning your house to the ground by accident. Not many devices can promise open flame ?and ?peace of mind.

Refillable black/stainless steel butane torch
Adjustable flame
Child safety lock
Push-button ignition
Removable hands-free stand