BMOR Selva Disposable Vape

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BMOR Selva Disposable Vape

Selva Disposable Vape is a unique addition to the BMOR disposable vape collection. Most noticeable is its transparent e-liquid chamber, so you can monitor how much remains. However, there's no reason to stress, because these disposables are filled with 5.5ml of e-liquid, the equivalent of up to 2000 puffs or 20 days of normal use due to the powerful 1100mAh battery. Each disposable vape is fitted with a seal on the mouthpiece to prevent e-liquid leakage before and between use. Choose from a variety of tempting flavors artfully crafted to be tasty down to the last puff.

Mango Ice: Tropical mango nectar with thick layers of menthol.

Grape: Candy grape.

Strawberry: Sweet candied strawberry.

Blue Raspberry: The classic childhood sour/sweet candy blue raspberry flavor.

Banana Ice: Sweet banana with notes of fresh menthol.

Strawberry Milkshake: Creamy strawberry with balanced sweetness.

Menthol: Simple, fresh, icy menthol.

Watermelon Ice: Refreshing watermelon juice with a menthol exhale.

Fantasy Jungle: A mysterious blend of exotic and tropical fruits.

Peach Ice: Sweet and juicy peach nectar with a menthol exhale.

Banana Smoothie: A sweet mix of banana, and smoothie dessert goodness!

Lemon Rush: The fruity taste of tart, delicious lemon.

Coke Ice: A classic cola-like flavor, with a cool menthol follow-up.

Blue Ice: The classic blue candy nostalgic taste, the refreshing hit of menthol. A great mix!

Pink Lemonade: A traditional summer favorite, now in a fantastic vape form!

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