360° Glass Gravity Bong


What would our parents say about this?! They had to use the ole' makeshift 2-Liter bottle and a bucket for their grav bongs and here we are getting treated to some real space-age stuff!  Simply light the bowl while at the same time rotating the chamber towards or away from you, this will force the smoke into the chamber. While your bowl is burning start inhaling through the hose, and voilà - Stoney Baloney! 

Features & Specifications:

  • All-Metal Construction
  •  360° Articulation
  • Designed for dried herb or tobacco
  • Can be used as grab bong or hookah

Package Includes:
1x Glass Aluminum Grav Bong / Hookah
1x Aluminum Hookah Bowl
1x Glass Bowl
1x Coal Tray
1x 3ft Hose
1x 14mm Male to Male Adapter