Internet Sales Vape Ban Info


South Dakota, Vermont, Maine and France Ban Internet Sales of Nicotine Products

Due to recent rules and regulation changes for many states, we are no longer able to process orders from the states of South Dakota. We apologize for this inconvenience, and appreciate the continued support.


In conclusion: All sales of nicotine products are not permitted to any Arkansas residents through internet, phone, fax or email.


Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey, Chicago: All Flavored Nicotine Items Banned


For the City of San Francisco and Anchorage, we are unable to ship any vaping products to customers located within the city due to local regulation regarding the sale of vaping products.

All Flavors Banned. We are only allowed to sell Regular Tobacco flavor to these states.


*We will update this notice as we receive any new information. The information listed on these pages are of our opinion and may not be the latest information. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the gathered information provided on this page though we will follow these guidelines until further notice.